2016 Holiday Shopping Season

2016 Holiday Shopping Season is on!

Retailers already aiming for your wallet

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2016 falls on November 25, 2016

In 2016, consumers will have 30 days of Christmas shopping following Thanksgiving. The big day in retail is Black Friday 2016 which falls on November 25, 2106. Compare that with just 28 shopping days following Thanksgiving in 2015 and there’s an inherent 6.66% lift in shopping days. And those extra two days include a Saturday this year. Last year, Christmas was on Friday. In 2016, Christmas Eve is Saturday and Christmas falls on Sunday, December 25. That means this year, customers will have a weekend day during the 2016 Holiday Shopping Season to complete their last minute shopping. That’s a total of 5 Friday & Saturdays to shop in 2016 versus 4 Friday/Saturday combo days to shop.

When looking at the calendar, we also find that Cyber Monday will fall on November 28th giving ecommerce retailers the ability to read results and add to their promotional calendar affecting a full four weekends of final deals and promotions. Cyber Monday is also a way retailers have been able to extend the Christmas season prior to the traditional start line on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. These little details may not mean anything to the average consumer, but the fact that retailers are already making Black Friday circulars available early and for online retailers matching or pre-empting their sales through the use of daily deals, early “cyber-monday” style deal events means the 2016 holiday shopping season will be extended more than ever before.

Christmas Creep

Today’s consumers are facing “Christmas Creep” because we’re beginning to see Christmas hit stores earlier every year. Many retailers see shoppers decline year over year, so if they can get them while they are there early to consider a gift purchase, they will do everything they can to win over the sale. Since typical purchases are won by traditional retailers in store during November and December, they face less criticism if they offer great deals leading into those months knowing consumers will react with their wallet IF the deal is strong to get them to open their wallets. In 2016, the average consumer is expected to spend $935 on their Christmas & holiday shopping. While that’s down from $950 last year according to Prosper Insights & Analytics, there is a large percentage who already began their shopping in October this year.

2016 Holiday Shopping Season

2016 Holiday Shopping Season already began with teases by many retailers starting November 1, 2016.

The 2016 Holiday Shopping Season is already under way. Did you notice the snowflakes making their appearance in displays and website banner ads and display images? From Starbucks to Nordstroms holiday catalog and endless Christmas displays in retails stores across the nation, it’s clear, once you see the decorations, Christmas is coming. Even Amazon has snowflakes on their homepage (on November 15, 2016). Retailers was their customers to be teased and warmed up to making their purchase with them – and don’t be deceived, they don’t really LOVE you, they just want your money before you spend it elsewhere.

Customers should use that to their advantage and take advantage of all the deals now before they’re gone. Happy Holiday Shopping!

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