Alignment enables greater success

Business Alignment and Success

AlignmentHave you ever been to a Chiropractor?

No, this is not a Health & Wellness blog or fitness advice. This article is designed to provide business owners with a concept they need to keep their business heading in the right direction and operating on all cylinders (car analogy thrown in for good measure). Yet if you just answered NO to the question about, then you may miss the point. The prescription may just be your business needs to be re-aligned.


A good Chiropractor doesn’t set out to mess up your spine to force you to come back week after week. That’s usually the biggest misnomer to those who haven’t been. The Chiropractor already know your body is a well built machine that needs tender care to keep it well. The body consists of over 200 bones that fit together better than a puzzle. And a good doctor knows how to treat and correct the body so it’s aligned as intended.


In business, we consider a successful company as on that operates as a well-oiled machine. When a process, product, service or personnel begin to change the desired result, it’s said to be out of alignment. Just like the body can be thrown out of alignment, so too can your process, manufacturing, distribution, promotion, etc run aground or ashore. One simple cog in the wheel is all it takes for it to go off course.

A good Chiropractor helps identify the area of pain a chiropractor and your the problem by hand, manipulating the skeleton, spine and ligaments. The same careful review management should perform to identify the area(s) of concern. Only then can the business owner, General Manager, VP, Director or Manager perform a review and set in motion means to properly address and fix the issue(s).

Be careful of quick remedies as they may only temporarily take the pain away. Surface problems are often the result of deep seated and rooted problems. And just like your Chiropractor, be prepared to work those area over a few times until it’s back in alignment.



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