Content is King

Content is King

Content is KingContent: A crucial part of your Digital Marketing plan. Repurpose & Blanket the Web to Create an Online Presence and Linkable Brand

In order to best proliferate, saturate and dominate the internet with branded content attributed to the client, GMG requires access to branded content. The real power in linking comes from utilizing the tools provided by our client. We request the following marketing material from our clients in order to build the more diverse and structured link portfolio in a vertical:

Video: Video can be uploaded to YouTube and dozens of other online video sharing platforms which not only include links to the site behind the video, but also will show up in targeted search queries for the company name and relevant terms in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Documents: Many companies have PDF’s and libraries of other documents from offline marketing collateral including eBooks, guides, downloads, brochures, flyers …etc. All of these can be used online to assist with link building. Marketing collateral and white papers can be uploaded to your Scribd profile and other document sharing sites. eBooks can be housed on the website and links built to them via press releases or blog coverage.

Product & Press: Contests, giveaways, donations and joint ventures are a surefire way to build strong links. Holding contests for free product will get your site covered on contest sites and also give you fodder for a press release that can be distributed to news outlets and blogs in your vertical. To get the most out of a giveaway, partner with various non-competitors who attract a similar target market to do a massive giveaway. Also, instead of just donating money to a charity, giveaway a product and or get a giant check printed, call local journalists and make a press conference out of it.

A final word on SEO

Setting out on a SEO Strategy requires dedication to achieving long-term results. It doesn’t happen overnight. A company that doesn’t commit to the strategy will never achieve the full results possible.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Search marketing is also still in its infancy and is advancing by leaps and bounds. Search engines continue to evolve along with emerging social networks and media.


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