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David Geipel (Dr. G)

David GeipelDave started GMG as a business consultancy designed to help small and medium size companies address the need for forward thinking business strategy and marketing communication. The initial focus was on digital marketing and developed into a business consultancy addressing a full range of business and marketing needs.

GMG’s business consultancy facilitates the adoption of emerging technologies through planning, participation and evaluation. The company uses SWOT analysis, roadmapping and variety of tools to help implement the strategy. It’s a fluid process that continues to evolve by business and market and in some cases, culture. Dave Geipel’s experience with the incubation of ideas taking them to market product launches helps GMG use both traditional marketing approaches and technology to align the company with an opportunity.

It starts with a STRATEGY that incorporates customer, market and business INSIGHT to drive SUCCESS – innovation, growth, and leadership. innovation and a successful outcome. Let GMG help your business address the various challenges the within the marketplace.

We look forward to working with you.

All the best,

David Geipel (Dr.G)
PhD \ MBA / Entrepreneur \ Marketer / Writer \ Musician / Worship Leader \ Husband / Coffee Fanatic

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David Geipel
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GMG Digital Marketing Consultancy

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