What is GMG?

What is GMG

In 2002, I conceived an idea to start a marketing and consulting company that would give clients straight-talk marketing and advertising services. No fancy terminology or fluff – just results. The name would be GMG: Grassroots Marketing Group.

From 2002

From 2002

The first solution was an SEO package that would market a company online. Using best-practices (and the latest tricks), we would help businesses grow their presence online. It started off well. We had many clients in a variety of industries. Soon thereafter, we revamped a business model around real estate that would take advantage of online marketing and lead generation methods to drive growth. Well, it worked and the focus switched from online marketing for others, to doing it well – for ourselves. It worked so well, that company quickly shot up the charts on Google and other sites with tens of thousands of real estate listings – before Zillow even existed.

Fast forward a decade… and the passion for helping others with their businesses still exists. So GMG reformed to refocus on the initial vision – to help other companies design, build, and grow online, in communities and across the globe.

GMG 2013

GMG 2013

Hope you enjoy our (infrequent) updates.


Dave Geipel

BTW – you may notice a ton of cars on this site. Well, that’s on purpose. While we love business, we also love a particular breed of British cars – the MG (also the initials of Michelle Geipel, my awesome wife who got me into these cars). So you may think this is all about cars and perhaps it is ~ David

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