Google Rich Cards – making mobile search more visible

Always stay ahead with your site performance whenever Google announces a new feature. That’s especially true if you manage a website’s digital marketing strategy and execution. This week it’s Google Rich Cards.

Google Rich Cards

Google Rich Cards

Just this past week, Google announced another new addition to increasing visibility for brands on mobile. This time it’s called Rich Cards and the format makes googling on your phone even more productive. What makes this different from Rich Snippets?

The new Google Rich Card takes the concept of a rich snippet to a new level by providing search results on both a small image and sample of the web page content. Somethings you can control include the image, text, ratings, etc. Before you go crazy editing your current rich snippets, realize the rich card is in addition to the snippet.

And don’t forget to test your markup with Google’s structured data tools.

Rich Card details:

  • Limited to mobile search on Google.
  • Limited to particular categories (expect more in the future).
  • Used in conjunction/addition to Rich Snippets.
  • More visual approach to mobile search.

For example, a recipe would now show a picture of the cupcakes front and center and allow the user to scroll through a carousel of them at the top of the results. This adds a new browsing experience for users similar to how they may scroll through products or images. Currently these are limited to a few categories, but expect others to be added to Google rich cards in the near future.


What is Structured Data? Google uses this markup to describe a variety of things on the web. It reads the information provided on your website you’ve marked up and coded as “structured” for them to better display these results in their search pages. The two main categories Google uses include CONTENT ITEMS such as articles, recipes, or movies and LISTS of items, such as recipes and events. Now they’re even more enhanced on mobile with Google Rich Cards.

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