Leadership Mantra

Leadership Mantra

LeadershipI’ve put together three simple ways leaders can lead from the front. Today’s workforce needs to see authenticity and genuineness from their leader.

Consider these three ways you too can make a difference by being a more effective leader.

1) Get In the Trenches
If you’re a leader, don’t lead by staying in your office. Get out from behind your desk and start walking. The term “Management by Walking Around” really fits even more today.

2) Change your Tone
Stop talking down to people. Instead, build them up. An easy way to detect your tone is counting how many times you refer to “me” instead of “we” – start counting.

3) Ask Questions
Leaders don’t speak first, the start by listening. If your mouth opens before your ears open, you’re in trouble. Request lunch meetings with your team. Have coffee outside the office. Ask for feedback.

Try one of these today and see how it will increase your influence and results.

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