or we hoped it would be.

Back to the FutureWatching Back to the Future in the theaters (in the mid-80’s) got everyone thinking about what the future held. The characters were engaging, the plot was predictable and title said it all. The story telling was spot on taking a look back before looking ahead. What else do you expect from Robert Zemeckis? It quickly became a classic.

Many people forget the past and how we should let history be your guide. However, the Back to the Future movies do a great job reminding us of some important facts:

1) Change is inevitable.
2) The future is always before us.
3) Everyday presents a new opportunity.
4) Everyone has a chance to change the world.

The future is here.

It finally caught up to us. I never lived during 50s and don’t have any close ties to the past generation Marty McFly visited except through my parents. For Marty to meet his parents in their element and environment was humorous. A future kid sent back in time. He quickly had to adjust to the way of life “back then” versus the 80s he came from. And when we try to do that, we find that it opens our eyes to new things. To take yourself back 20-30 years (if possible) you see how we’ve progressed so quickly by advancements in plastic, silicon, wire… then computing, storage and networking.

How quickly will our world move & advance over the next 30 years? It’s really up to big thinkers who can visualize the future and take those steps required each and every day to get us closer to that vision. While you wouldn’t jump in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by Dr. Emmett in the movie, you could place yourself in today’s self-driving Tesla to travel into the future: 2045.

October 21 2015

The Future is Here.

So while October 21, 2015 came and went, tomorrow is right before us. It’s just as important as today but with one small glimmer of hope. What do you hope tomorrow will bring? Be a part of the change.

Put your mind to something new, challenge the way of thinking and status quo… or perhaps, begin to question yourself: what if?

– Change is inevitable.
– The future is always before us.
– Everyday presents a new opportunity.
– Everyone has a chance to change the world.

Now go and be a part of making history!

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