Your New Year Resolutions

Your New Year Resolutions

The end of the year is at hand and it’s time to begin looking toward the year ahead. We call it identifying our your New Year’s Resolutions. In order to do so, we must begin by looking back. For some people, that can be painful. Others will be discouraged. And yet for some, they will be excited of the outcome: it will be yea of great success!

So how was your year?
Did you accomplish what you set out to do or accomplish?
Have you fallen short in some areas?
Something you need to resolve to just get done?
Better yet, are there some things you didn’t get to this year and still want to nail down or check off your list?

Unresolved New Year Resolutions

If you never take the first step, you’ll never take the second…

Now that you’ve started thinking of these unresolved items, it’s time to write them down. The list will become your new year resolutions. However, this time, if you weren’t organized in past years, it’s time to do something different to help you accomplish all your goal, hopes and dreams. It’s time to mark your resolutions as RESOLVED.

1) IDENTIFY & write down your new year resolutions.
2) PRIORITIZE your resolutions.
3) DATE them (if possible).
4) POST them on your mirror, in your car or even make a screensaver for your phone.

Putting it into Practice

Having a list is never enough. It will take daily determination. You will need to make them a priority. It takes some sheer grit and determination. That’s what makes us so special and unique. We CAN do it. And you WILL do it when you turn them into a reality.

Don’t delay. Just do it, starting now and then daily.

So what are you waiting for? Get going. Take 15-20 mins now while the year is fresh in your mind and before you are forced to run through this exercise. And if it’s the middle of the year when you read this, just do it. Start today. And work on them until you can mark them RESOLVED.

Here’s some popular goals & new year resolutions topics to get you thinking about your list.

Improve & Focus on your Physical well-being, Mental well-being, Career, Financial situation, Education, Relationships, Self, Spiritual. Click here for more New Years Resolutions.

Don’t delay what can be done today! Make the next year, the year you tackle some really BIG New Year Resolutions!

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